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Jon Patrick Hyde has been a professional artist and photographer since the late 1980ís.  Heís worked as a marketing and advertising executive helping to usher in the digital age through the early adoption of convergence technologies.  Jonís work in the newspaper industry putting newspapers online in the mid and late 1990ís led to his becoming an expert on adapting media for the web including video and broadcast technologies.  He moved to Santa Barbara, CA to attend the renown Brooks Institute of Photography in 2007.  He graduated top of his class with a BA in Film Production in 2010.  Heís worked in and around Hollywood and the greater Los Angeles area working as a director, director of photography (cinematographer), camera operator, editor, sound mixer, photographer, story board artist, commercial illustrator, and consultant since arriving here in 2007.  If you are looking for a seasoned professional with a track record for successfully completing projects on time and on budget, look no further than Jon.