Since recovering from my heart attack I've continued my cycling addiction.  One year after my heart attack I became the first widow maker survivor to complete the world's most difficult paved cycling course; Mount Haleakala in Hawaii.  Between May 2018 and April 2019 I completed 20,000 miles of cycling.  Above: Conquering a Top-50 most difficult climb, Gibraltar Rd in California on my 2nd heart attack anniversary.
I founded a non-profit public benefit corporation called Summit4CAD in 2017 to help raise awareness for undiagnosed coronary artery disease (CAD), the leading cause of death world-wide.

October 14th, 2016 I experienced a life-threatening widow maker heart attack. I had no idea that I had been living with CAD for years. I was the picture of health; fit, lean, with a very healthy diet, and I exercised daily. I had no warnings and no symptoms prior to my heart attack.

The widow maker (STEMI LAD) heart attack is fatal in 90% of the people who experience it. I not only survived but I did so with ZERO residual heart damage. This is so rare that there are no statistics on how often it happens.

Cycling saved my life. My daily cycling addiction conditioned my heart for survival and recovery of the widow maker.

I founded Summit4CAD to help bring awareness to heart disease prevention, survival, and recovery.
It's so easy to get lost in the daily grind of life that we forget to stop, clear our minds from distractions, and reflect upon the things in our lives that make living such a beautiful experience.

I've learned to put my phone down, turn the TV off, step outside of a noisy room; and just breathe. I close my eyes, take a deep breath and clear my mind.  After a few moments I open my eyes and look around me.

We are surrounded by beauty. You can find beauty in any environment. You can find beautiful moments in any situation. You can find peace in any storm; you simply have to choose to.

Music is an emotional refuge for me.  It is creative and yet technical (those two combinations which are a theme in my life), and it is so very soothing.  I enjoy the challenge of learning new music and discovering new melodies on my own.

When I need to reconnect with a stronger sense of inner balance I grab any one of a number of amazing guitars I own, put on headphones, plug in and get lost in whatever melody my fingers find. As time passes whatever troubles I'm experiencing fall away and I'm left with gratitude.

In finding my way to a place without the distractions of the chaotic world around me I always will find a better path into my future.
Jon Patrick Hyde
I play both bass guitar and standard guitar.  I don't really prefer one over the other although I started as a guitarist and didn't start playing bass until my late 30's.  I tend to treat the bass as a melodic instrument and find bass-driven melodies particularly soothing and beautiful.  But sometimes you just need to plug in your old vintage Les Paul and rock.  It just completely depends on the day.

I have enjoyed the crossover of precision photography tech to the world of precision shooting. Arca-Swiss dovetail rails have been a mainstay in professional photography for decades. Now rifles are being equipped with Arca-Swiss rails for quick accessory adjustment. With Arca rails comes the ability to use tripods for additional stability. The digital revolution has also colided with rifle tech. Above, I'm looking through a digital night/day vision HD scope with laser ballistic range calculator. Whereas I prefer traditional scopes for true long-range shots, this tech is surprisingly good. Especially for night shooting. The rifle is a Sako TRG-22 - the TRG platform is the finest out-of-the-box precision rifle system in the world in my opinion.

My passions can best be summed up as guns, guitars, and bicycles. Not necessarily in that order. 

I discovered precision target marksmanship nearly thirty years ago. To place a small piece of lead into the center of a target with both accuracy and precision, is an exercise my mind never ceases to tire of. Like cinematography, precision shooting is a unique mix of left and right brain functions. There are a lot of calculations and math that goes into shooting long distances with precision. From knowing the ballistics of the caliber youíve selected, to calculating your targetís distance, measuring wind, knowing station pressure, humidity, cosine, coriolis effect, spin drift, and other issues such as mirage; the process equates to a challenge that is as much mental as it is physical. 

Additionally, like cycling, cinematography, and photography, technology is a major component.  And I am a sucker for amazing tech. 

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