The dance has been choreographed yet it will be performed by multiple dancers. How does an individual dancer stand out and make that dance their own while remaining true to the original choreography? 

This is the heart of what marketing is. How do you get your company to shine in an industry full of competitors where you are all subject to the established marketplace variables in which you operate?


These are the key areas of a winning Go-To-Market Strategy.

How are your companyís offerings received?  Is there a need for a new product/service in the marketplace?  More importantly how are todayís market variables changing? To ensure success your company has to anticipate future marketplace needs in the immediate, intermediate, and long-term and have a plan for adapting to these changes.

You have to know your industry and all the marketplace variables that affect how your company operates and you need to understand your customer base.  You should conduct a deep segmentation of your total potential customer base and hone it until you know who your customer is and what their purchasing motivations are. 

You must also develop sound strategies for deployment of your new products/services through your sales channels.  You should include metric-supported strategies for acquiring new customers while engaging your current customer base.   Your sales force has to close the sale and the product has to be delivered. 

Lastly you should conduct ongoing contact with your customers through both service after the sale (customer support) and through other identified deepening activities  such as social-media campaigns/in-person events and customer loyalty programs.  

  I am a systems analyst with a lifetime of practical and professional marketing strategy experience.  I can help your company develop Go-To-Market strategies which will increase your market share and ensure your ongoing success.   

When looking at how to best differentiate your offerings from those of your competitors (in an over-saturated marketplace) you need to adopt a client/customer-centric strategy that embraces the development of long-term relationships which provide ongoing experiential contact.    

As individuals we (human beings) are constantly seeking ways to differentiate ourselves from those around us.  Some people seek approval and recognition for their individualism while others do not.  Regardless, the new paradigm of business relationship deepening requires that organizations start looking at their customers as individuals.

This means the old standards for market segmentation are being replaced. The new standards dive much deeper into personal preference and individual psychology; new demographic data that previously hadnít been mined. 

Lastly the marketplace is a working example of Darwinian Evolution; the marketplace will change (sometimes rapidly) and the companies who adapt to these changes will survive. The companies that are slow to react or fail to adapt will not survive. 

Musical instrument manufactoring is a perfect example of an industry with an extremely complex set of marketplace variables (PESTLE). From the Lacy Act (endangered wood import and export laws) to the oversaturation of the marketplace with options (product confusion); there's also further fragmentation of the marketplace due to the size of the pre-owned instrument market (person to person sales).
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